by The Requisite



releases 08 May 2015

Produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Houghton
Mastered by Charles Scourby



all rights reserved


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The Requisite Seattle, Washington

Maxwell Royce, Matt Houghton, Chris Young, Jack Love...The characters that make up this Seattle quartet.

Built around the songwriting of Mr. Royce, The Requisite strives to create music that is dynamic, detailed and fun;
with dueling lead lines, meticulous harmonies and tight/technical rhythms.
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Track Name: Americana
I've been swimming in a current bound for the deep,
And I can taste the blood from biting back the truths I keep,
When all is lost upon the eyes of the blind,
Let your voice pierce their ears so they'll know that their time,
Has come

Your words have been marked by the ink inside my chest,
Pumping toxins in a body failing it's own test,
As the wind tears the roof off our house it'll leave,
The last will and testament of those you'll forget to
Grieve/breathe for

And if all roads in life lead to the threshold of hell,
I won't think twice when placing my hand upon the bell,
For i'll have lived through enough with all of my own sin,
To make the devil so nervous he wouldn't dare let me in

The words in my mouth have soured with time,
And I will swallow them down if push comes to shove,
Just don't deny what we once shared in the light,
I'm no classically handsome man but I know what it is to,

What is this hell?
Please let me go.
Track Name: Oxidation
From the murmuring deep in fortified caves,
Tectonic shifts were heard below shallow graves,
Bells tolled in unison, the war drummer’s beat,
Off kilter to the time of a city’s shuffling feet,

We ate our last meal off of broken down watches,
And begrudgingly clocked in, to build our own crosses,
We saved all our pennies, and seized all our chances,
To buy the fortitude we need, for these circumstances,

Railways and platforms house rusted out trains,
But we sat and we watched, carving holes in the rain,
Light wrapped his noose around the neck of the dark,
Whispering in his ear, words that were marked,

And as the moon and the stars gave way to the sun,
The tide sang a song of vengeance, and wars to be won.
Track Name: Big Weather
When the sea dried up,
And the sails caught fire,
And the sun went out,
And the helmsman grew tired,
Our flasks were all empty,
And the trade-winds had stopped,
And all we could think to do,
Was let that anchor drop.

Before long, it was established that apathy and ignorance,
Would spawn the front row seats we have, in the amphitheater of our extinction,
All of the energies, we as a collective could now put to the task,
will never undo, what we have done.

I will bleed through you, like a saturated understanding,
That this world does not
revolve around you or me, Or any entity
in fact we all revolve
around the sun.

When the sun comes down,
And the oceans rise,
And the cities drown,
In the post-mortem ice,

And if the last effort of man,
Leaves itself broken and tried,
What will we have stood to gain,
As we burn the ground and scorch the sky
Track Name: Song in 7
Here I am, in the image of my father,
Broad shouldered with whiskers on my face,
A new blueprint from my biological author,
Following in the footsteps of his long run race,
With vague intentions I drove to the coast,
Was I running from, or searching for my ghost,
Trying to weed out the things that matter most
To find, inside, that I had already realized,
That no one knows.

And had his flag not been flying,
I would not have noticed the wind,
Rushing over where he was lying,
Face to the very sky that waited to claim him

Here i am, esoteric words in my hands,
Thoughts burning through, falling off the page,
Trying to obscure myself anyway that I can,
Fearing my discovery, a fear you can't assuage,
In my defense I could not have seen this coming,
With nothing to warn me or tell me to start numbing,
Myself in preparation against the impending,
Oh everybody else knows it, infirmity never ending
Track Name: Squared
Hello old friend, you don’t know how good it is to see you again,
How have I been? Take my word when I say that I’ve been on the mend,
And I don’t recall, if when we last spoke that I made myself clear,
That I have always been and will always be waiting right here for you

Where have you been?
Left alone with only the streetlights as friends,
I have been waiting,
As long as I have, I can wait ‘til the end,
My hope, was fading,
That you’d come back to me, like you said you would,
But the lights on this road, have faded away,
And I fear that the lights, have all burned out for good

When we were young, I never would have dreamed that I’d be writing these words,
Years down the road, sifting through memories, and all the things I heard,
Would call out to me, reminding me that I never laid them to rest,
But honestly, those memories are the ones that I love the best